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Traffic Signals

Class Dates: 09/10/2019 - 09/10/2019
Instructor Name: Scott Greiner
Total TARPs: 26
Class Size: 24
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This course is designed for individuals with little to no experience in the field, or part-time signal employees that would like a refresher on the basic concepts. A one-day class, it is intended to familiarize the student with an overview of the various components that make up a typical modern traffic controller assembly and includes a review of terminology used in the traffic signal field. Topics include: nomenclature, flashers, flash relays, load switches, bus relays, controller units, terminal facility block diagrams, and conflict monitors. This is a lecture course. This is a prerequisite for both the Basic & Advanced  Controller classes.

Gerald W Carrier Memorial Training Center
24110 Research Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

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