Over 75 Years in Business

Our experience and deep rooted history in the traffic and highway industry sets us apart
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Oliver Carrier


Joseph Gable

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Education and Training

As leaders in the traffic industry, we take pleasure in our ability to provide free in-house training and share the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years

Traffic and Safety Solutions

The Carrier and Gable technical service team is determined to make each of your projects a success. From the early stages of planning, to deployment, and beyond - We are here to lend assistance.

Case Studies

Opticom Case Study

After a Highland Police Vehicle was involved in a collision at an intersection, they sought a reliable traffic signal priority control system.

RTC Connect Case Study

The dilemma faced by the city of Battle Creek was two-faced: the school crossing pagers were being phased out and the technicians have to drive.

Quadguard Elite Case Study

MDOT was in need of impact attenuators with high reusability and low maintanance.

Vantage Next Case Study

The city of Battle Creek needed to position themselves to be able to take advantage of future technology and developed enhancements...