City of Battle Creek

Problem / Challenge:

The dilemma faced by the City of Battle Creek was two-fold: The school crossing pagers were being phased out and the technicians had to drive to each flashing beacon location and update the flasher timer units.


After researching numerous options Battle Creek decided to convert their system over to RTC Connect Software in the summer of 2014.

RTC Connect is a Cellular based system which can be controlled from the main office.


The City of Battle Creek was able to realize the following benefits:

  • One low fee provided 10 years of cellular service – therefore there is no monthly billing to worry about.
  • They have Cellular two-way communications and can validate whether the flashing beacons are active or not.
  • The built-in GPS clock & RTC Connect Intuitive Map is automatically populated to the correct location.

“Our old style paging system that managed and controlled our school zone flashers was becoming obsolete. It was limited in that we did not have positive confirmation that the system was fully working. We were looking for something better that would provide two way communications. The hope was that the new system would give us a true confirmation that the flashing beacons were working correctly. The RTC Connect cellular school zone management system has proven to give us the confirmation and functionality that we were looking for.”

– Brad Hoffman, City of Battle Creek